Portable and convenient: this water bottle is great for walking and traveling with a dog or cat, and also easily fits into a backpack, trolley or clipboard.

Fast and easy to use: One button open / Block water, one-hand operation, easy water delivery.

Compact size: 12 ounces of fresh water, quickly deliver thirsty animals during outdoor walks, wandering, traveling. The perfect bottle for a journey for animals.

High quality material: FDA


Made from environmentally friendly material.

Antibacterial, safe and healthy material.

Waterproof one-touch button, easy to use.

Plastic food material, very durable.

A light bottle, you can easily carry it.


Dzięki niemu twój zwierzak może pić higieniczną wodę w dowolnym miejscu.

Świetny prezent dla tych, którzy mają zwierzęta.

Rozmiar: 75x208 ML

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